Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Battery Reconditioning at Home

These days we are all looking for ways to save money and even to help the environment. If you came across this site you are most likely such a person and you already know how refurbishing old batteries can contribute to meeting these goals.

Battery reconditioning at home is the act of reviving batteries that seem to be out of juice. After you learn how to do this you can save a lot of money. You can also even make money doing this for others. There are one or two different methods depending on the type of battery. The cost to recondition are very low and the effort is minimal.

How To Recondition Batteries

recycled batteries

In doing some research on how to recondition batteries at home, I came across this guide: “How to Recondition Old Batteries and Save $$$” by Craig Orell. Note, this is only a review, if you are looking for his website

This complete guide provides an excellent value showing you how to recondition old batteries at home and bring them back to full working condition. This is great for car batteries, laptop batteries, the D batteries required for your old boom box … basically any kind with any volts. The guide covers the following concepts regarding fixing batteries, in detail:
  • refurbishing techniques for
  • general batteries
  • laptops
  • nicad batteries
  • lead acid batteries
  • deep cycling batteries
Reviewers comment on how they were about to throw out their old car battery and spend hundreds on buying a new one, but they found this guide and were a able to restore these batteries at little to no cost.

The best value in this guide is where it shows you where and how to buy old dead batteries and turn them into reconditioned batteries to make extra money.

At first I thought that this guide might be overpriced, $129.00, however it has recently been placed on a limited time offer to sell for $49.97. They also offer a money back guarantee, so there really is no risk in trying the guide to see if you can recondition batteries on your own. I have personally returned many products through the tool that this site uses to process their orders and returns and the process is extremely hassle free.

The editors also promise lifetime updates to anyone who purchases the guide, so if the guide is ever updated with new techniques or information, you will be notified.
To conclude, if you are looking for a way to save money by rejuvenating old batteries or if you want to start a business to make extra cash, this guide can show you how to do either or both. The guide shows everything you need to know including tools and supplies plus the procedure it takes to bring old batteries back to life.

Easy Methods to Extend Battery Life Information on refurbishing batteries at home.
Any battery used for an extended period will fail , however users often encounter the difficulty of untimely battery failure. This situation can be easily avoided if you follow some simple tips.
Most people think that if they power down their devices, battery life will be extended . Unfortunately, this often results in the opposite outcome . Devices consume more power when they are starting, so turning the device off is not always the best way to preserve the battery.
Follow the recommendations below for improved battery life:
  • Cars, Trucks, Boats, Etc
  • MP3 Players, PDAs, Laptops, Etc
For any battery, the most important factor to consider is the temperature . Ensuring that the battery is not exposed to high heat can extend the life. High temperatures lead to faster chemical reactions. In addition to the temperatures, a reduction in the number of discharge/charge cycles drastically helps battery service life.


The best way to extend the life of a car battery is to keep the battery charged at all times. It is also essential to protect the car battery from high under the hood temperatures . A proper case or heat shield can protect the battery. It is a good idea to check the electrolyte levels in the car battery on a regular basis during hot months.

A rising trend seems to be for car manufacturers to relocate the battery to be stored in the passenger compartment or in the trunk as a way of not storing it in the engine compartment to enhance the life. Obviously the battery stays much cooler if it is not stored in the engine. This strategy improves battery life as well.

Electronic Device

Battery life can be increased for cell phones, laptops, PDAs, mp3 players etc. by turning down the brightness when it is not needed. For example, when using these devices in a dark room, it is not necessary to set the brightness to 100%. The brightness can be lowered enough so that the screen can be seen without exerting any strain on the eyes can be done. The amount of time the backlight stays on can also be decreased. For iPods it doesn’t have to stay on for


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